Greg Jackson trains UFC fighters pro bono

Greg Jackson
Greg Jackson is perhaps the most sought-after trainer in professional mixed martial arts trainer here in the United States and he does it all for free, according to a recent feature on Yahoo!

Whether it's Diego Sanchez, Nathan Marquardt, Rashad Evans — or even former 170-pound champion Georges St. Pierre — Jackson doesn't ask for a penny in return for his services.

Here's a snip:

"... Jackson refuses to accept money from any professional fighter. He makes his living from those who enroll in classes or for private instruction at his academy."

It's a rather amazing revelation, considering that the New Mexico native could most likely charge thousands and the high-level fighters would pay it.

But, his circle is small and he seems content to keep it that way. Perhaps he puts more value on the relationships and progress he makes with his tight-knit camp rather than trying to make a quick buck.

Whatever the reason, his method to madness seems to be paying huge dividends for his fighters inside the Octagon.

Despite the recent losses of St. Pierre and Sanchez — who are still top five in their division — Jackson-trained fighters were on a roll this past year. One of them, Marquardt, has a title shot at UFC 73 on July 7, and another, Evans, could earn one later this year if he can defeat Tito Ortiz that same night.

Sounds priceless if you ask me.

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