Rampage: ‘I'll break the ‘Ice''

Rampage JacksonIt's comments like these that make Quinton "Rampage" Jackson one of the most colorful and entertaining personalities in mixed martial arts.

He also knows how to beat people up.

Rampage will get to showcase his undeniable skill and toughness for the first time in front of a UFC audience at UFC 67 on February 3.

We were on top of breaking news early this morning, which more or less pointed to a debut match up with The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season one alum, Sam Hoger.

And in an interview today with ThrowdownFightGear.com, Rampage had choice words for the "Alaskan Assassin."

Here's a snip:

Sam Hoger...He's not TUF enough

He also mentions Bobby Southworth in the same breath, but the fact that he calls out Hoger specifically is a bit random and certainly worth noting.

Rampage goes on to later say:

"I'll fight anyone in the UFC but I would like to get a couple of warm fights cause I haven't in a while and I want the new fans to see what I'm all about."

Basically, he wants a few lambs to slaughter so he can add to his already impressive highlight reel. And, Hoger fits the bill to a tee.

It could get real ugly real fast on Super Bowl weekend if this fight pans out.

Interesting note: MMAWeekly.com is just now reporting that Hoger and Rampage are on the UFC 67 fight card. However, it does not have them going head-to-head just yet.

Light heavyweight Hector Ramirez has also been added to the rumored card without an opponent.

We'll continue to monitor this situation. In the meantime, here are a few other great quotable quotes from Rampage:

--The UFC bought me like a runaway slave. I'm single again and ready to mingle again.

--The UFC is putting people out of business and that's the business! Dana is good to be white is making some good moves and his best move is hiring me. I'm gonna try to get the job done.

--If I have to fight Chuck to fight some of these guy's, so be it. I'll break the ice. But Chuck has to get passed Tito first. Tito the bobble head of the UFC! He might take Chuck this time.

--I think I would be a TUF coach? Cause I'm a perfectionist when it's not me doing the work. I think I would be the coolest coach yet! But Hell, I don't know. I never coached nobody. The closest I ever come to coach is when I bought my momma a purse for her birthday.

--Tim Sylvia look like a giant gizmo from the gremlins.

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